Wednesday, March 14, 2007

As a producer, you also seem to originate the very basic ideas for your next projects, and hand them out to your directors. Direction is a very individualised art: What if their vision differs from yours, and changes the way you imagined the film?

Differences in opinion might happen during the making of the film.

But if I am releasing the film, I have financed it. It means I have bought into his [the director's] vision.

It is possible that once you are involved in a film, your judgement might be less than objective. [That is] From the time you had the idea, to see it grow, to see it coming together as a film -- it is highly possible that you might lose your objectivity.

That happens to me as well as my director.

So if I say my director has botched it up - which I have done as well, I've made some terrible films in my career (laughs) -- both of us are in the same boat.

I can't complain.

In the picture: Ram Gopal Varma on the sets of Bhoot, with veteran actor Victor Banerjee.


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