Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No, you have distinctly different styles! This is about more personal terms. The coincidences -- the video stores, the lack of formal training...

Actually, I don't think the video store was the point for him or me.

The video store was there because I love movies and I know the subject, so I can make a business of it. It wasn't about the creative aspect.

And formal training: I believe having no formal training would be the greatest asset for a director, because his expression becomes much more raw and original.

The moment you are trained, you are taught to think in a certain way. That is when you fall into the rut, into formula.

[I mean] Not necessarily the way we think of 'formula', but in terms of grammar [of filmmaking].

I think anything that is grammatically right is not original. It might have form and depth, but a film's intention I think is to startle.

In the picture: Ajay Devgan with Ram Gopal Varma on the sets of Company


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